Organizational goals

Organizational goals
(1) achieve a comprehensive understanding, balance and depth of geographical and historical range, presence and influence of Iranian-Islamic culture and civilization in the field of cultural heritage (tangible Vnamlmvs) and traditional arts.

2. The introduction of rich culture and civilization and cultural capacities, historical, and utilizes the advantage of the country's natural capacities to stabilize and enhance the position of Iranian civilization in the world.

3. purposeful and constructive international engagement, with an emphasis on Islamic countries in the field of cultural heritage, natural, Handicrafts and Tourism.

4. System Development Management - an integrated legal, efficient and relies on the participation of stakeholders in the cultural heritage (tangible and intangible), natural, Handicrafts and Tourism based on ethical principles, Islamic and national values based on the criteria of scientific, technical and requirements geographical, historical and cultural.

5. strengthen and deepen the relationship with the community, heritage and natural and cultural assets and promote public awareness in order to increase social capital and cultural heritage (tangible and intangible), natural and Handicrafts and Tourism.

6. capacity expansion and upgrade capabilities in the field of cultural heritage (tangible and intangible), natural, art and traditional knowledge and indigenous technology, Handicrafts and Tourism.

7. Development of human resource capacity knowledge base, skilled and responsible public sector and non-governmental, private and local communities.

8. Establishing an efficient economic system, competitive, stable, equitable, sustained and rapid growth based on natural and cultural advantages of the country with the participation of domestic and foreign non-governmental sector and the private sector.

9. Develop a comprehensive and efficient system of production and distribution of handicrafts in the national and international level.

10. knowledge, research and documentation, introduction and promotion, conservation, restoration and exploitation of intellectual and cultural legacy (tangible Vnamlmvs), natural, traditional arts and crafts.

11. National efforts and strengthening the sense of public responsibility and public participation and support for the preservation, conservation, restoration and exploitation of intellectual and cultural legacy, natural, cultural diversity, biological diversity of perspective.

12-obtain status as a tourism hub located in the world by National Tourism qualitative and quantitative development, product diversity and compliance with its market, improve the quality and standardization of tourism services and facilitating travel.