Organization History

An overview of the history of the formation of cultural heritage
  Cultural heritage of the country one of the main pillars of strengthening national identity and self-creating activity. and country of each other. Under normal circumstances, the extent of land, geopolitical position and skills in centuries has been the emergence of various civilizations in different parts of Iran.
 Iranian art and culture in the contemporary world of art and culture is fitting that today can impact the field of international cooperation is favorable. The establishment of the Ministry of Culture and Education, Fine Industries Endowment for the first time in 1286 AD duties of the Government in the protection of cultural heritage is considered. Formation of National Museum of Iran and the formation of the Old Administration of Cultural Heritage result of Government action in ourselves. The establishment of the Ministry of Culture and Art in 1343, issues of cultural heritage in the form of more specialized considered as a lib directory.
 With the dissolution of the Ministry of Culture in 1358 and the establishment of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education ministries latter focused on tasks related to cultural heritage. the law establishing the cultural heritage are actually two ministries of culture and higher education responsible for matters related to cultural heritage.
 Need to prevent the parallel integration of devices with similar functions to create centralized management for policy-making optimum caused in 1364, executives and research responsible for the Cultural Heritage of the ministry separated and the Organization of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education Integration are.

 Islamic joined.
 as companies Traveling and tourism development was related to cultural heritage and tourism organization.
 Also, in the hundred and thirtieth session of the Supreme Administrative Council of 85/1/16 to strengthen the coordination and development of handicrafts and tourism development policies Handicraft Organization of Iran with all the tasks, mandate, legal responsibilities, assets , obligations, funds, facilities and staffing of the Ministry of industries and mines organization of cultural heritage and tourism abstracted and merged.
Set of rules and regulations regulations of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts Vgrdshgry- authors: Mr. Samadi Ghanami, Ms. Cheraghchi -Nashr Department of Cultural Affairs Publication Date 1386
  Almll- domestic and written cultural heritage law: Mr. Samadi-Publisher: Department of Education, Publishing, cultural production